KQ in Business

The KQ highlights the particular skills and deficits every employee, whatever their level of seniority, has in effectively and authentically relating to others. Every single person can be measured and made more effective at interacting with people both within and external to your organisation. The underlying psychological reasons for any weaknesses are addressed, persistent destructive life narratives rewritten.

KRF will provide:

  1. Organisational KQ Performance Assessment: A New Ethical Marker

The mean KQ level among employees provides a tangible indicator of company culture and basis for comparison. Rapid assessment of an organisation’s overall Human Kindness performance can be conducted. Problem departments are highlighted before they become toxic. Psychologically-functional workplaces are identified as such, marked out by their KQ score.

2. Group Training in Human Kindness (‘Away Days’)

  • The concept of Human Kindness is introduced and its relevance to optimal professional functioning illustrated within a range of business scenarios.
  • The new measure is introduced and the meaning of the KQ score and profile are described. The significance of these for different roles within the organisation are discussed.
  • Participants are given their personal KQ and Kindness Personality Type.

The key strengths and weaknesses of these are highlighted. A Behavioural Action Plan tailored to type is provided.

  • The psychological underpinnings of each Kindness Personality Type and its potential for growth and transformation explored.

3. Objective Selection input: Matching Candidates to Optimal Human Interaction modalities for Role

Core objective job competencies can be readily assessed but a person’s fit within a team, organisation or new role is harder to judge. The KRF provides scientific psychological input to the recruitment and promotion selection process.

Candidates can be quickly measured, their KQ, Kindness Behavioural Profile and Kindness Personality Type assessed. Alongside this, we map out the ideal Human Kindness profile and Personality type for the roles under consideration.Comparing these psychological profiles provides an objective analysis of the less predictable aspects of candidate-role fit.

4.Professional Development Coaching

The raw abilities of many brilliant employees are severely curtailed by their inability to relate effectively with others both external and internal to an organisation. Managers without an appropriate, authentic understanding of the significance of human interactions undermine whole teams beneath them. Individuals who have previously achieved good levels of success lose their way because of the interpersonal context of their professional lives changes.

Personal Human Kindness – based coaching offers direct action plan solutions to these and many other career issues. The core strengths that drive the individual’s Kindness Personality Type are enhanced. Blocks are released by revealing and rewriting the hidden psychological Life Narrative shaping the Kindness Personality Type.

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