KQ for Kids

There is a growing body of evidence that kind children are happy children.  There is a building momentum around the world to introduce ‘Kindness Curriculums’ into schools, especially here in the UK. [see for example www.kindnessuk.org]

Scientific studies have shown that kindness delivers a great number of physical and emotional benefits, especially to young children.  Schools that have implemented a Kindness Curriculum report a drop in bullying, higher academic attainment and a significant rise in the self-esteem of pupils.

It is clear that kindness can and should be taught in schools.  But further evidence is needed to understand more about what works and what doesn’t. Which schools thrive and which schools fail? And why?

KRF plans pilot testing in selected primary schools across the country to generate key empirical data for comparative evaluation. KRF is, therefore, seeking backers, sponsors and partners to further develop a KQ Test for children aged from 5-11.

If you are interested in supporting KRF’s work in this area, please contact Bob Duffield at bob@kindness.org.uk