KQ Test

Welcome to the KQ Test developed by the Kindness Research Foundation. The Test is the most rigorous ever developed and measures your level of Kindness in the same way as an IQ Test measures your intelligence. When you answer the questions your score is computed and graded against our database drawn from a very large sample of respondents. You will achieve an overall score and information about the personality type into which you fall.

The six personality types are

Lord or Lady Justice

Big Hearted Rebel

Unsung Hero

People’s Popular Crusader

Virtue’s Maiden

Devoted Deputy

You then have the option to receive a detailed analysis of your scores and, if you wish, to have your score registered by the Foundation and receive a certificate confirming it.

Taking the KQ Test is fun and instructive in its own right. However, the Foundation's work goes far beyond this, conducting valuable research which can, for example, apply kindness measures to determine the suitability or otherwise of individuals to work in particular jobs and professions, and assisting in developing curriculums for schools to allow children to understand the benefits of kindness to them and the society in which they live.

The Test has been developed to measure the Kindness Quotient of adults aged 18 or over. We are currently working on developing versions of the Test suitable for under-18s. If anyone under 18 takes the Test by using an incorrect date of birth they will get a result but it will not be statistically valid. So please be patient. You turn will come!

Ok, so click the button to take the Test! It should take you about 20 minutes. Any information you provide and all your test answers will be held in the strictest confidence by the Kindness Research Foundation and never shared with anyone other than on an anonymous basis internally to expand our database of results to enable us to further improve and target the output and analysis from the Test.