Nigel Nicholson

Chief Executive Officer

Nigel has combined an Honours Degree in Pure Mathematics, qualification as a Chartered Accountant and an ongoing career in business internationally with an active involvement in pop and classical music, film production, contemporary art and fashion. He has collaborated for over 20 years with Bob Duffield not only in their commercial business of corporate investigation but also in wanting to create businesses and projects that make people’s lives better. KRF is the embodiment of this collaboration.

Dr Donna Youngs

Director of Research

Dr. Donna Youngs, a Reader in Investigative Psychology and Associate Director of the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology, has authored more than 50 academic papers and books on all aspects of psychology from terrorist radicalisation to deception detection, personality style and criminal specialisation modelling. Her research is concerned with the quantitative and qualitative analysis of modus operandi and the interpretation of behaviour patterns, particularly from the ‘hidden psychological narrative’ perspective – a framework that she has developed with Professor David Canter. It was the integration of these two scientific emphases that led to the development of the KQ Test. She is known as the ‘psychological profiler’ contributing to numerous TV programmes from Crimewatch to Portillo’s State Secrets and as the psychologist within the team of expert investigators on the Channel 4 series Hunted.

Robert (Bob) Duffield


Bob is an entrepreneur, corporate investigator and former television journalist.  He was for 10 years a Councilman of the Corporation of London. During this time he was a Governor of the City of London School for Girls and served on the City of London Police and Policy & Resources Committees.

He entered the world of corporate intelligence with his company Y Limited in 1999 after a prestigious career working as an investigative journalist for two miscarriage of justice  programmes – ‘Rough Justice’ [BBC TV] and ‘Trial & Error’ [Channel 4 TV].  He is directly linked to the release of several prisoners by the Court of Appeal after unearthing new evidence that undermined the safety of their convictions. Bob studied Politics at the University of Nottingham  and Social Anthropology at Hertford College, Oxford.

Professor David Canter


Professor David Canter is one the UK’s most eminent applied social psychologists, being one of the few to be appointed as an Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society and having been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and the American Psychological Association. Although he is internationally known for his development of the discipline of Investigative Psychology, bringing scientific precision to ‘offender profiling’, he has worked as a management consultant to major blue-chip companies on risk reduction, amalgamations and briefing for new building complexes. He has published many books and hundreds of academic articles, having been awarded a Golden Dagger and the US Anthony award for his best-seller Criminal Shadows, and having written and presented a six-part documentary series, Mapping Murder, which is also published as a widely read book. His work on Kindness develops his special interest in doing what he calls ‘psychology that counts’.